Carlucci homenageado

2009 NYC Gala Carlucci Dec Nov. 052Ambassador Carlucci Honored by School of Diplomacy

New York – Portugal was one of the major theme at the Annual Global Leadership Gala sponsored by The John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations of Seton Hall University. It was held at the the elegant New York Public Library. Portugal and its Revolution of April 25, 1974, “The Carnation Revolution” were part of the curriculum of the Honoree Ambassador Frank Carlucci.

Frank Carlucci, a diminutive individual and a member of the Foreign Service Officer, was named to serve as Ambassador of the United States to Republic of Portugal in mid 74, shortly after the military revolution. It was a difficult time for that European Country, who had been dominated by a dictatorship of right, was swiftly moving to the left. It was a challenge for the United States that had a new president after the resignation of President Richard Nixon and the new untested leadership of Gerald Ford.

The American role and the negotiations skills of Carlucci were tested for a period of time, but Portuguese are resilient

“Portugal is the only one country that in less than two years went from a rightist dictatorship, to a military junta, to a leftist government to a center left democracy, without going into a civil war. The democracy is flourishing in Portugal to the credit of the Portuguese people” – stated Carlucci who served as US Ambassador from 1974- 1977 in front of more than 300 people presented to pay tribute to his very public life.

Among the attendees were the administrators of Seton Hall University, Maria Amelia Paiva, Consul General of Portugal in Newark, NJ, Rosa M. Alves, Assistant Dean at Seton Hall University, representatives from the Lusophone Students Associations and Fernando G. Rosa, vice Chairman of the Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States (PALCUS) who was also part of the video tribute message prepared to honor Ambassador Carlucci.

Ambassador Carlucci influenced many of the events that took place in Portugal in 1974-76 time, providing encouragement to the young military officers and supporting the selection of socialist Mario Soares as Prime Minister, who was unable to be presented but sent a seven minutes video message played for all those presented.

After serving as Ambassador to Portugal, Frank Carlucci returned to the US to serve in the CIA and culminating his public career as Secretary of Defense. He went to help to create and develop the Carlyle Group that he chaired for a number of years.
Ambassador Carlucci was one of the member of the Advisory Board of PALCUS.

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