Discussion on Facebook regarding tipping illustrated with a flyer and basically stating if you not tipping you are cheap and should not  eat out.


Change the system and pay the waiters/waitresses the legal and correct salary that won’t make them dependent or expecting tips. Once this change occurs, If tips are left it is because you think they deserve them. Meal Price will increase, so be, I’m having an increase of 15-20% every time I’m at a restaurant. Explain tome, why the food/restaurant/bar industry can get away with not paying the minimum salary and compensating the servers when every other industry must comply? The owners/chefs don’t work on tips, most of them make decent/good salaries. Servers must be treated fairly and appreciated to do a better job. In most of the countries that I’ve visited tips are welcomed but are not expected. The suggested percentage that the establishments now place on the bill, are bordering line insulting. CHANGE the system, make the food industry comply with the labor and wages laws. The restaurants I can’t afford, I’ll skip. The servers most of the time do an excellent job, even covering the no so perfect product coming from the kitchen. I hope to see them compensate them adequately, every time, not just some time. It is my wish.

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