It is Festa time and I traveled to Ludlow, Massachusetts to dance the night to the sounds of David de Melo.

The show is over the people are leaving, and there is one more stop at Gremio for a hot cup of expresso coffee before I hit the road to return to the comfort of my home.

Then all hell broke loose. It began to rain and more rain, water all over the road. The rain drops are intense and getting heavier. Those who have found a place inside the Gremio Lusitano don’t want to come out and those outside want to come in. Space is limited and at a premium. The Gremio is operating at full speed, then all of the sudden the lights flicked but nothing else happened. The staff quickly adjusted the cash register. The Center is operating on back up power but the entire street went dark. The bar is packed with clients and those seeking refuge from the water. The rain is intensive.

There is a  break in the the deluge and I decided to make a run to the car and ohow(!) to my great surprise …. the automobile seats are soaked. I had left the sun roof partially opened. A gym towel was used to soak some of the water and a few minutes later I’m on the road. The heavy rain keeps me company for a number of miles as I keep switching lanes trying to get some protection and relieve.

It is early AM during the Labor Day weekend and as expected the full police force is on the highway. Yes, there is a car already stopped and being checked and the officer will keep questioning the driver and he has a good probability of getting arrested.

Safe and sound always grateful for the protection and assistance from God above I made it home to get some rest.
The annual Festa in Ludlow, Mass. takes place during the Labor Day weekend. The 2013 edition ended soaked in rain.

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