JFK – 50 years ago

Escreve; Fernando Goncalves Rosa

Notas do Meu Caderno

It was fifty years ago today (11/22/1963) that John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) the young American President was shot in Dallas, Texas. He later died of the inflicted gun wounds.
This was a turning point in the modern American life. I was a little bit over 10 years old, not living in the US, and struggling to carry my books from Chaves to Codecoso and vice versa so that I could get education past the 4th grade. (The little escolinha in Codecoso taught us the basics).
President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline were a young couple with young children, representing the new generation of Americans. The short administration left its marks in the fiber of the US Society for many years to come. Some of the of the conservative wing members still blame JFK for problems of today’s society and they continue to fight it instead of joining forces to make it a better country.
NEVER, as far as I remember, has the country been so split and so polarized! Today.


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