May Snow Showers

It is May. May 9th to be exact, my Little Princesa’s birthday. It is spring in New England, the surroundings are changing, nature is adapting quickly to the new season, trees are greener, flowers are growing, the sun is bright. The American robin is waking me up with its beautiful sounds. The bird with an orange color feather chest, that arrived at end of the winter and stays for the summer.

But today, the wind is blowing hard, and picking up speed, but the sun is shining, and the sky is clear. But as the late evening is approaching, the chill is in the air. I look out my window and I can’t believe what I’m seeing – snow flakes, snow showers, and feeling the chill! My friend told me that this morning around his home in New Milford, that snow was on the ground. I guess the storm has made its ways up the state. Ok we saw you, now you may continue your journey.

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