Horta – July 4

Acores – Horta celebrates 175 years as a City

 July 4, 2008 – It is Friday, July 4th , American throughout the world celebrates their independence day. There is parties, festivities, parades.

This year was no different but I celebrated Independence Day in the Azores. The City of Horta, capital of Faial was celebrating 175 years of being elevated to a City and the it was the 50 years of the eruption of the Vulcan of the Capelinhos that caused one of largest human exodus of human history.

The officials of Horta and the American Official had a joint celebration with hots dogs, coca cola and the US Airforce band American Dix land.

The summer is hot in this 67 square miles isle, dominated by the highest mountain in Portuguese territory – the isle of Pico.

A walk from the hotel overlooking the marina, the largest in the northern Atlantic that opened in 1987, through the small streets give us the great view of the Igreja de Sao Salvador da Matriz, as well as the  historic building.

The beginning of the marina is dominated by a large statue of the first president of the Portuguese Republic-Manuel de Arriaga. The Marina receives over a 1000 yathches on a yearly basis.

One of the best known daughters of the island of Faial is Meredith Vieira. She took a trip back in time and visited the isle to meet for the first time cousins and shared with the world the beauty of Faial.

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