One Day in Block Island, RI

Updated about 12 months ago · Taken in Block Island


The 8:30 a.m. ferry from New London, CT, takes approximately 75 minutes to arrive at Block Island, RI. The air is clean, the seagulls looking for their food, the ocean was crispy a bit rough due to an upcoming storm but the trip was pleasant. The ferry powerful engines ripped through the ocean waves, splitting the waters. The ferry is almost full with people ready to relax. The sunny but not too warm day made it very comfortable to explore the space by walking the streets and to relax on the fine sand of the beach. Most of the day was spent exploring the space, finishing it with a late lunch at Finn’s and returning to New London on the 4:55 p m ferry (some photos courtesy AP)

Block Island information from several sources
Block Island is part of the U.S. state of Rhode Island. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 13 miles south of the coast of Rhode Island, 14 miles east of Montauk Point on Long Island, and is separated from the Rhode Island mainland by Block Island Sound. The United States Census Bureau defines Block Island as Census Tract 415 of Washington County, Rhode Island. As of the 2010 census the population of 1,051 lived on a land area of 9.734 square miles. The island is part of the Outer Lands region, a coastal archipelago made by the recessional and terminal moraine that resulted from the Wisconsonian Laurentide glacier retreat, about 22,000 years ago. ( · Text under CC-BY-SA license)

17 Miles of Beaches
Block Island features 17 miles of pristine beaches, protected by lighthouses and spectacular bluffs, and surrounded by rolling roads and winding paths. Many of the beaches encompassing the island are isolated and nearly untouched providing breathtaking views and utmost tranquility.

Two-and-one-half miles of some of New England’s finest beach front can be found at Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach stretches along the Island’s east coast from Old Harbor (where the ferries dock) to Clay Head. It connects Surf beach and Baby beach to the south with Scotch and Mansion beaches, to the north.

Block Island has been called the “Bermuda of the North,” so it is only fitting that most visitors choose bicycles or mopeds as their primary form of island transportation. Many beach-goers find it easy to walk straight to the beach from the ferry landing
or rent a bike or moped to explore the beach further out.

Admission to all beaches, as well as parking, is free. The Frederick J.Benson Pavillion, also known as the “Town Beach” is located at the heart of Crescent beach. It has a fully operated concession stand and visitors may also rent chairs, cabanas, umbrellas and boogie boards. There are lifeguards, showers and bathroom facilities as well.

“The last great place”

Block Island, nestled in the Atlantic 12 miles from coastal Rhode Island, offers the vacationer what does not seem possible anymore – simple relaxation in a startling beautiful place. The Island is famous for its miles of free public beaches, sparkling clear waters, dramatic bluffs, preserved open spaces, and fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages. Block Island has long been a haven for residents and visitors who have found here a quality of life that recalls the pleasures of a life that is simpler, slower, and somehow, more carefree. It’s no wonder that the Nature Conservancy has designated Block Island “One of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere.”
For more information on lighthouses, nature trails, history and more please choose from the menu at left. Enjoy! ( Visitors brochure)


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